Just arrived: Promotional T-Shirt and Journal

I just received the first promotional product samples from the Journey Supplies store. I am excited! I love the T-Shirt. There are many shirts and products with key quotes from the book. The journal will be handy! It has 160 pages of 60 lb book-weight acid free ruled paper to take study notes or simply to journal your thoughts each day.

I am finishing my edit of chapter five and just received my editors first pass on chapter three. The process of editing with a pro is so rewarding as I see the words come off the page in a way that communicates succinctly what I am writing.

The additional graphics and call out boxes are being created in preparation for the final edit and submission to the interior design editor. How do you like the cover? I think it is amazing! Check out what Jeff DiMario interpreted from the cover!

I lost my voice last week so it looks like I won’t be starting the audio book until it fully heals. That is okay because my editor and I are doing first edits on each chapter before we start the final edit process which will solidify the complete book.

I have started to receive endorsements and am humbled to see that Exodus Of Our Lives, even in raw manuscript format, is already having an impact in the lives of others who have read it.

And the good news is, we are still on track in our timeline for a book release of late September.

As always, I am humbled by your support and for believing in this book project. My prayer is that Exodus of Our Lives will illuminate the love and magnificent wisdom of Jesus Christ as we navigate our lives.  God bless you all!

~~ Pastor Jan